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Three Ways the Arts Are Important for Your Children

At The Stage Theater School, we believe that the arts are important. The “humanities,” as they're called in an academic setting, are under pressure from public education budgets that are looking to cut costs. This might mean that fewer children around the country have access to the kinds of mind-broadening and social development that come with fine arts programs and stage experience. That’s a shame, in our view, because the arts do so much for kids!

Seeing Your Child Come Alive

As we cycle through our 11-week musical courses, we see children get inspired and engaged. Being part of these collaborative projects builds self-confidence, and helps many children with self-esteem. They get fired up – they get excited!

One way to explain it is that by being proactive in developing these auxiliary skills (that have little to do with reading, writing and arithmetic,) we’re preparing our children for a dynamic future that includes more than just homework and fact-checking.

The reality is that our children are going to need to be in a position to make decisions about their lives, and their interests, and what they want to do while they're on this planet. Stage work is one way to help achieve that kind of self-awareness and self-learning that is so important for the next generation.

Social Growth

At the end of a program, it's not uncommon to hear involved students talking about how they're going to miss their fellow performers.

Many of them just don't want to leave - they don't want to show to be over! That's partly because of the social relationships and emotional growth that happens for many of our students during these processes. It's the icing on the cake in terms of the rewarding nature of this kind of work, and it’s really evident in our students’ lives.

Having a Backup Plan

Parents who are really involved in their children's growth toward adulthood know that it's always good to have more skills and experiences, rather than fewer. By adding fine arts training like our stage programs to a child’s schedule, you're not just adding another activity in order to take up time – you’re investing in skills that may be ultimately valuable down the road.

The majority of our students do not end up as professional actors or performers – they develop career goals that correlate to the needs of the economic market. But many of them will be involved in the arts, either as a hobby or a side job, or in some other way, shape or form.

At The Stage Theater School, we believe in the value of what we provide for families. Visit our web site to learn more about our Brooklyn theater programs.

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