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Shout Out to Our Improv Classes

At The Stage Theater School, in addition to our center-stage classes and our summer camp program and everything else, we also have a set of improv classes that help many youngsters to break out of their shells, recognize more of their inherent potential, and enjoy their routine by interacting with others in a fun way.

Here are some of the ideas that we cultivate in our improv I and improv II classes.

Quick Thinking and Timing

One of the fundamental skills taught in improv is the skill of quick thinking. That's why improv can be a great complement to other acting classes.

You can see this at work when you watch improv troupes or go to an informal improv class. The “whose line is it anyway?” approach of improv allows people to be creative, but it also introduces a particular skill set – timing. Timing is useful, not only in drama and comedic acting, but in real life too. Timing is everything – it determines how our messages are perceived, and how we create those impressions for an audience.

So that's one really valuable component of the improv classes that we offer. When we sit in on these classes, we see how they really help our students build confidence and develop these timing skills that will stay with them all of their lives.

An Engaging Atmosphere

One way to explain this next point is to simply just say that improv is fun!

However, to say it another way, improv allows a sort of indirect introduction to the mechanics of acting and performance.

Some kids who may be thrown off by a more formal approach will take to improv because it engages their sense of silliness and humor.

Do you have one of those “shy guy” kids who don't like to be under the spotlight, but love to make jokes in private? They may be a good fit for an improv class, because it's not seen as something that's task-based or ”under a spotlight” necessarily – it's more informal and gets kids involved as they naturally get into their own senses of humor.

Improv I is for ages 8 to 11, and improv II is for ages 11 to 18. These classes also promote values like teamwork and encourage free expression.

Check them out and ask us if you have any questions about the improv or any of our curriculum at The Stage Theater School. We enjoy helping Brooklyn-area families to enrich their child's daily routines and build skills for the future. Also, we’ve seen our business expand as locals get proactive about giving their kids options for skill-building and extracurriculars. Call us with any questions.

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